Closed Systems and Cooling towers

H2O Scientific’s highly experienced professionals apply market leading technical knowledge and modern analytical techniques to deliver rapid and accurate results for BSRIA/BS8552 chemical and microbiological testing requirements in closed systems. We offer the full range of tests needed to ensure proper operation of closed systems and HVAC cooling towers supporting companies in complete life cycle management from pre-commissioning phase to ongoing system operation.

Photo of a roof ventilation system.

We are fully versed in the support of estate management, hard services facility management and water treatment business’. We offer significant experience in interpreting results both from individual samples to whole system(s) in context over time, to add value to the analysis. Collaborative investigative and developmental work, identification of current and past corrosion issues, analysis to support troubleshooting, identification of failure causes and poor system performance are examples of our strengths.

Our work not only provides excellent laboratory analysis but we can also undertake assurance and comparative studies to ensure that you can have maximum confidence in the results you obtain with onsite testing and full understanding of how they map to laboratory results. Our scientists are experienced in training operatives in carrying out high standard onsite measurements.

Potable water distribution systems

H2O Scientific offer the full suites of chemical and microbiological analysis needed to assure water quality and compliance with guidelines and regulations. Analysis is carried out rapidly and to high standards by our experienced and knowledgeable scientists.

Photo of a bottle of water being poured into a glass.

This analysis includes testing to show compliance with regulations such as HTM04-01 governing water quality in healthcare settings as well as HSG274 and the relevant British Standards (BS855x series).